We are North America's Foremost Experts in Polymeric Pressure Sensitive Products and Processes.

Our Capabilities

Adhesive Coatings


Applied Products made the decision to invest in GREEN technology over 30 years ago. Today our solvent-free facility manufactures some of the highest performance low to no VOC emulsion and 100% solids (acrylic and rubber based) pressure-sensitive adhesives on the market.

Property Ranges:

  • Loop Tack:  0.05 to 10.00 lb / sq in
  • Peel Adhesion:  10 to 200 oz
  • Shear Strength:  1 - 1000 (+) Hours
  • Operating Temps:  (-34 F) to (+450 F) (Per PSTC Specs)
  • UL Specs:  UL723 25/50, UL94-HF

Large & Diverse Inventory of Release Liners:

  • 60# and 80# bleached & stabilized densified Kraft 
  • 8pt. and 12pt. white board stock
  • Tear resistant poly-blend film (TR)
  • PET film
  • BOPP film
  • Easy to tight release properties
  • 54", 60" and 62" standard widths

Adhesive Carriers:

  • PET film
  • Non-woven (NW) 
  • Scrim
  • Tissue
  • BOPP film
  • Foil
  • Free film (unsupported) transfer adhesives up to 6 mils

Double Coated Foam Tapes: 

  • 100% closed cell sponge
  • Cross-linked polyethylene foam


  • Precision scored split-back release liner
  • Custom zone coating
  • Extended liners on transfer tapes and foam tapes
  • Toll coating
Adhesive Laminating


Our stringent quality control checks guarantee you receive laminated materials that meet your specifications for bond strength (foam tear), flatness and roll or sheet size necessary to meet the functional requirements of both your product and your processes.

Adhesive Systems:

  • Low to no VOC emulsion and 100% solids (acrylic and rubber based) pressure-sensitive adhesives 

Materials Include:

  • Closed cell sponge rubber
  • Cross-linked polyethylene
  • Polyester and polyether urethane foam
  • High density urethane foam
  • Open cell rubber
  • Fabric
  • Film
  • Foil
  • Cellulose fiber materials
  • Bulk Laminated Rolls up to 40" Diameter
  • Quantities available by truckload, pallet or cartons

Widths Up to 62"

Foam Tape Logs Ready for Single Knife Slitting

Adhesive Converting


Applied Products has over 30 years of experience in the converting industry. Since the very beginning our focus has always been on delivering high quality materials that meet each customer's unique needs. And with ongoing investment in state-of-the-art converting technologies, we continue to build on our capabilities and deliver value for our fabricating partners.

Die Cutting Capabilities:

  • Steel Rule
  • Rotary
  • CNC (Dry and Jet Water)

Slitting Capabilities: 

  • Score
  • Razor
  • Shear
  • Automatic Single Knife 

Other Capabilities: 

  • Spooling
  • Skiving
  • Printing
  • In-Line Laminating

Widths Up to 62"

Broad Variety of Polymeric Materials

Applied Products Building Exterior

About Applied Products, Inc.

Applied Products is a privately owned and operated, industry-leading supplier of high performance, pressure-sensitive adhesives to many OEM industries, including HVAC, construction, automotive, and appliance manufacturing. Applied Products is committed to sustainability and green technology as evidenced by its solvent-free operations. For the past three decades, Applied Products has dedicated its expertise in adhesives to developing high performance, ultra-low VOC, pressure-sensitive adhesives. Applied Products delivers cost-effective, high quality and sustainable adhesive products engineered to meet the needs of each customer’s unique processes.

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